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Office of the Head Of Department

I welcome you to the Department of Foreign Languages where Modern European Languages (French, German, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese) are taught. The Department runs both ‘Syllabus A’ and ‘Syllabus B’ programmes. This means that students need not to have obtained any credit in any foreign language before admission. At the moment, the curriculum covers courses in French and German languages for the first two years. There is a mandatory language immersion programme in the third year in any of the French language villages in Nigeria French Language Village, Badagry, very close to Benin Republic; Village du Benin, Lomé, Togo and possibly CEBELAE, Cotonou, Benin Republic.

The curriculum caters for students’ immediate needs for speedy integration in any given society. Students are equipped with the four basic language skills viz: speaking, writing, listening and reading. Courses cut across Grammatical Structures, Composition, Comprehension, Phonetics and Phonology, African, French and Caribbean Literatures as well as Linguistics, Translation and Interpretation studies. Graduates of the Department have greater job opportunities that enable them contribute more effectively to national development. Products of this Department are scattered across the globe at UNESCO, UN, AU, ECOWAS, foreign embassies, banks, private enterprises, world renowned universities in Nigeria, Africa, Canada, United States, France, etc.

The team of staff is of a high calibre of seasoned and renowned lecturers, linguists, polyglots, researchers, translators and interpreters of national and international standards. The postgraduate studies also include African, French, Caribbean and Comparative literatures, as well as Translation and Language Studies. The Department is a close family unit because of it linguistic community knit together by a linguistic bond. You are welcome! Soyez la bienvenue! Will kommen!

Dr.(Mrs) N.O.Iloh
Associate Professor and H.O.D

Email:[email protected]

Eguere Debra Udoma
Higher Executive Officer

Mr. Victor Opene
Administrative Officer

Mrs. Valerie Solange Onu
Admin Assistant

Azaka Stella Ishioma
Higher Library Officer

John Osaretin Uwumarogie Ogbebor
Chief Typist

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